In todays video part 5 of 5 of survival tips for competing with multiple offers I will continue with another way to assist our buyers with tips for competing with multiple offers.

Again with our real estate market here still being a sellers market especially with lower price points we are getting more and more scenarios where we are competing with our buyer looking to purchase a home and competing against multiple offers. Even at higher price points if the home is really nice and priced to sell we can see multiple offers. So how can we prepare our buyers to not only survive but win out in a multiple offer situation.

Making a winning offer is more art then science. We have five different strategies for surviving a multiple offer situation to get you the results you’re ultimately looking for: The house you want, at a price you can afford. So here we go with the fifth and final tip in this series.

Minimize time pressures

Because shelter is a basic human need, the idea of having to move, transfer jobs, or relocate without having housing in place can cause even the most nimble among us to feel ungrounded.

Problem is, in the context of buying a home, moving deadlines can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. It can even cause you to make unnecessary compromises

Get expert help

in terms of the property itself; compromises you might later regret. If you are approaching a deadline for moving out or relocating, you’d do better to find a rental housing situation that will work for a while than to hurry or force the purchase of a home to meet a deadline.

Whether you’re embarking upon your first home purchase, upgrading, downsizing or adding an investment property to your portfolio, multiple offer scenarios can be daunting.

The importance of working with a proven market expert early on cannot be stressed enough. It pays to work with a professional, local expert. Your agent can help you save valuable time and money during the house hunt, offer process, and in the many years that follow. I hope this update has been helpful!


A resident of the Temecula area since 2003, Tom has been an active real estate agent since 2004. He has consistently been ranked in the top 5% of sales production in the Temecula market, and has produced over $80 million in career volume. He and his wife Maria have raised three children in the Temecula area with all three graduating from Chaparral High School.

When not listing real estate, selling real estate, or writing about real estate, Tom is trying to keep up with his grandson on their bikes, playing sports, learning Guitar, or trying to knock the rust off of his tennis game. Over the years he has coached hundreds of youth soccer, basketball, baseball teams. He was most recently coaching his grandsons pony baseball team.

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